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Beto RapidAir Urban Pump - Yellow

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The Beto RapidAir Urban bicycle pump is a super quality and reliable pump.

The pump head completely locks on all types of valves enabling you to easily pump your tyres up to a massive 160psi (11 bar)

The super large pressure gauge enables you to clearly see the pressure pumped into your valve and the large base provides great stability.

Our opinion. A great product. Stable and reliable. Everybody should own one of these.

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Beto RapidAir Urban Pump - Yellow

  • Couleur : jaune
  • Longueur : 26"
  • With large manometer display pressure in PSI & BAR
  • max. air pressure 160 psi / 11 bar
  • with flexible hose
  • universal double pump head (AV, DV, FV)
  1. auto valve (AV/Schrader/American)
  2. Dunlop express valve (DV)
  3. French valve (FV/Sclaverand/Presta)