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Aerospoke Wheels - Red

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Over the years Aerospoke wheels  in red colour have become a "must have" for both track and urban (Fixed Gear and Single Speed) riders alike.

On a completely technical basis, the Aerospoke wheels have nothing else to prove. Completely aerodynamic and made from carbon composite they hold a number of velodrome track records.

More recently, the Aerospoke wheels have become extremely fashionable in the Fixed Gear bike and Single Speed bike communities. Their aerodynamic
design, wide range of colours has led to their evergrowing popularity in the urban bike communities. 

Aerospoke wheels are 100% made in the USA, available in a wide range of colours, as a front wheel and rear wheel, and, depending on model, available with or without Machined Side Walled

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Top Features - Aerospoke Wheel - Red

  • Material: Red
  • Colour : Wild Chartreuse
  • Size: 700c (28")
  • Front wheel 100mm spacing
  • Front wheel axle M9
  • Rear wheel 100mm spacing
  • Rear wheel axle M10
  • Select between NMSW (Non Machined Side Wall) or MSW (Machined Side Wall)
  • Available as a Front wheel and Rear wheel